Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yo guys!

Hahah... Its been a long time since I post last time... yeah... I miss SWA so bad. I really miss teachers and my friends, the classes that we went into... yeah.. all of that... I'm really stuck in this new school. I m miss this blog and all of the things that I've done last year. Especially in the ESL and English class.. :'( I really wish that Mr. Jabiz and the new class sees this... I really wanna know who's who in the new class :p

Monday, June 6, 2011

Final post ESL

In class, few weeks ago, we all the grade 7 ESL class were starting a free project that we choose to learn about. The topic that we choose have to be that we don't know about. I chose to learn about how to make a black forest tart cake. These are the tasks that I have to do before making the blackforest tart cake:
Knowledge - Knowledge is about collecting informations
Comprehension - Comprehension is about understanding the informations
and Application - Application is about using the informations
These are the tasks that I have to do after making the blackforest tart cake:
Analysis - Analysis is about answering the question that I have to answer for the project. My question is How can making a tart help others in my community?
and this is the Final post

This is my video of answering the question
Hope you enjoyed it...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


In the ESL class, we have a free project to work on. Right now is week 6 and the task is Analysis. This post is about analyzing my project. Making a tart cake affected my community in a few ways, but it was also not effective too. My project is about making a Blackforest tart cake. My community is my family. They like the cake that I make.

This is the first reason why the cake that I made is helping my community. The tart makes my dad happy, enjoying my cake when he’s watching movie to relax because he had a stressful day at work. My dad cut up my tart into pieces and makes it as his snack. The cake didn’t include many sugar and cream because I want it to be less sugar so my whole family can eat it. My dad and my mom don’t really like cakes with many sugars in the ingredients so make it less sugar.

This is the second reason why my cake helped my community. The effect of my tart cake to my community is they enjoyed eating the cake and it makes them happy too. My sister ate it when she's reading her books and comics. She’s so happy to eat my cake. She said that the cake is delicious but the appearance is not too good.
This is why my cake is not helping my community. The appearance of the cake is not too good. That makes them not too interested to eat my cake at the first time. They think that my cake isn’t good enough too eat. It makes them feel uncomfortable to eat my cake. But when they ate my cake, they liked it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final Assesment Freak The Mighty

How are family and friendship important in this book?

Family and friendship are important in the novel Freak The Mighty. For opening, the protagonist which is Max, he’s a kicker who’s never had a friend until Freak came. Freak is Kevin, which is Max’s best friend. Freak is a short intelligent kid and he use crutches to walk. Freak is just a nick name from Max to call Kevin. Freak makes Max became a full confident kid. Before Max met Freak, he never be brave and he never tried. I think Freak is a nice friend. He changes Max to be full confident kid.

Further more, Max never connected with his dad before because his dad is in jail. But Max have heard of him. However Max has heard of his dad by Grim and Gram. He heard that they’re talking about his father. Grim and Gram is Max’s grandfather and grandmother. He calls his grandfather Grim and his grandmother Gram. Max’s dad has murdered Max’s mother and that’s why he’s threw into jail. Because Max never met his father and his father is a murder, he didn’t have a friend because all people thinks that he’s going to be a murder too.

Here’s another example why friendship and family is important. When Christmas Eve, Freak’s coming over to Max’s house and having dinner there. They were swapping presents. Max got a pyramid box with a dictionary inside from Kevin. Max and Kevin are so happy to see their presents. And the last is when Freak died on his own birthday, Max is so sad and he cries because he lost his best friend. Freak died because of seizure. Seizure is when our brain gains a lot of information and it came overloaded and the person became sick.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hi everyone, in my ESL class, we were learning about free topic. We can choose our own topic lo learn. I chose to learn how to make a black forest tart cake. This is the recipe that I choose to make.

The recipe is in bahasa language so I can find the ingredients easily.
I'm already in the fourth week of the free topic so this is the Application stage. Application stage is when we make the product that we have planned to make. So in this blogpost, I'm going to show you about how to make a black forest tart cake with the recipe that I have found on the internet. 

150 grams of wheat flour
45 grams of cocoa powder (80%)
6 eggs
25 ml of water
150 grams of sugar
20 gram cake emulsifier
30 grams of margarine, melt it

First of all, collect the Ingredients and all the things to make a tart cake
Second, grab a bowl and mix the cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, water, and emulsifier. Mix it until it expands.
Third, add the flours little by little mix it evenly.
Fourth, pour the melted margarine mix it evenly.
Fifth, pour the liquid to a bowl for cooking and bake it until its baked
Sixth, remove it from the bowl and cut it into 4 pieces
Seventh, spread filling in every slice evenly and stack the cakes
Eighth, pour the rest of the filling and keep it in the refrigerator before you serve it

200 grams of dark cooking chocolate
200 grams of milk cooking chocolate
200 ml of fresh cream

Second filling:
100 ml of water
300 grams of sugar
50 ml of rhum (essence)

Chocolate coating or can use filling too

Thanks I hope you like it

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Happened After The Christmas Eve

In the Christmast Eve, Kevin and the Fair Gwen is in Max's house. Everybody sits in the table, eating politely foods that Gram cooked. After they finished, they sits in a couch, tell stories and give presents. After that beautiful night, Max is going to the Down Under to sleep. In the next morning, there's something cold in there. It's not usual. Usually, the Down Under is warm even in a cold night. Max thinks somebody is sneaking in the Down Under. It is. Somebody is in the down under. That guy is covering Max's mouth with his hands.

Monday, May 9, 2011


In the fourth week we do the comprehension task. This is the fourth week comprehension task:
  • Explain the flavours in the cake
  • Describe the cake that I will make
  • Draw the cake that I will make
This is the video. In this video I will explain the Comprehension task. Please enjoy the video!